Basic Janitorial

Basic Janitorial Services

The Janitorial “Standard”

Our Janitorial Standard is comprised of two services:

  1. The Regular Clean – is the process of Sweeping, Mopping, Dusting, Wiping, and re-stocking all applicable areas of a facility. This is the service the ensures that the majority of the facility, the 80%, is cleaned and attended to.
  2. The Detailed Clean – is the process of finding and thoroughly cleaning the areas of a facility that typically get missed, the 20%. These are the areas that most client’s feel get missed, the corners and edges of a room or a desk, the upper areas of furniture, the crevices of a door frame, and etc., so we ensure to focus on these areas more so than the average competitor.
Whether you have a major accident that needs to be cleaned up, or you just need your office trash emptied, Palomino Janitorial Services handles any daily clean-up tasks that keep your business running smoothly. We also offer restroom sanitation services, enhancing your comfort by making your toilets, urinals and sinks spotless.
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